Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction in Floresville, Texas

Despite your best efforts, sometimes a tooth will need to be extracted, or pulled. Extractions can be needed for tooth trauma, overcrowding, infection, decay or gum disease.

Simple tooth extractions are performed on teeth that are visible and easily accessible in the mouth and do not require an incision and are performed under local anesthetic.

More complicated extractions require an oral surgeon. Some examples include:

• Cracked or fractured teeth
• Entangled or multiple curved roots
• Impacted teeth
• Wisdom teeth
• Tooth or bone infections

If you require a tooth pulled, our team have the experience, equipment, and know-how to make sure that your tooth extraction goes safely, comfortably and effectively.

We are proud to provide top quality care to all of our patients, and especially those with tooth extraction needs.

If you need to have a tooth extracted or wisdom tooth removal, we can help you. Our dental practice offers full-service dental care for patients of all ages. Our dental care team can work with you to improve the health and function of your natural smile.

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