Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Floresville, Texas

Do you experience severe tooth pain when chewing or biting down? If so, the tooth may be infected or injured.

What are the symptoms you should look for that would indicate you need a root canal?

• A toothache that doesn’t subside, especially if you have taken medication.
• Puffy, painful, swollen gums.
• A tooth that has obvious decay.
• A pimple on your gums.
• Severe pain when you eat or drink something hot or cold.

In these cases, in order to restore the health of the tooth and alleviate your painful symptoms you may need a root canal.

If left untreated, the infection can cause an abscess, which can lead to swelling of the face and neck, and bone loss around the roots of teeth.

To restore the health of the tooth and avoid the need for extraction, our dentist will remove the infected and injured tissues from within the tooth, clean the tooth, and fill it with a medicated material. Then cap the tooth with a restoration, such as a dental crown, to return the tooth to its original shape and structure.

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